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Made of Crimson ch.1


Made of Crimson
~Chapter One~

Author’s Notes: This is a crazy idea that I decided to write out. This is about Dark!Raphael being the father of three turtles, in which one is from a different mother and feels like an outcast. Yes, you guessed right, this contains OCs. This is also an AU where mutants and anthros and humans live all together in ‘harmony’. Dark!Raphael will be called Red the entire time throughout the whole fanfic.

 Dark!Raphael (Red) x Donatello, mention of Raphael x Donatello

 Smutt. Sexy smutts. Sex.

Warnings 2: I know this is full of mistakes, errors and whatnots. I am not a writer. Also, you will find some derp lines here and there that might break off your reading concentration. Oh well! Enjoy

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Here are some doodles of Raph! I also posted two other pics for my last post here since I can’t seem to figure out how to edit the existing post to allow me to switch out the grainy pics with the scanned ones. >u>” 

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